About Dylan

Dylan OBrien is a young talented actor, most known as Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf. He played the character Stuart in The Internship and this year 2014 his new movie The Maze Runner release in cinema worldwide! More »

About Tahmoh

Tahmoh Penikett is an actor, most known from the TV Show Battlestar Galactica. At the moment you can find him in Supernatural as archangel Gadreel and he appears at the 200. episode of Criminal Minds. More »

About Ian

Ian Bohen is an actor, most known as Peter Hale, the Alpha, from Teen Wolf. In January 2014 he had a guest appearance in Beauty and the Beast as bad guy. More »

About JR

JR Bourne is an actor, most known as Chris Argent from Teen Wolf and Martouf from Stargate SG1. He was also in a few episodes of Revenge and one of his most known appearances in a movie was The Ecorcism of Emily Rose. The gallery will be online soon! More »

Michael Trucco is an actor, most known as Sam Anders from Battlestar Galactica, Fairly Legal and Revenge. At the Moment you can see him on TV in the show Killer Women with his friend and actress-colleague Tricia Helfer. He is also in one episode of Intelligence in January 2014. I have an own Fansite for Michael: www.michaeltrucco.net More »

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Teen Wolf S4 E6 caps

I added caps from the latest Teen Wolf episode from:
JR -> here
Ian -> here
Dylan -> here

Man of your Dreams Part 2 2

Michael Trucco Gallery Update

I added screencaps from Michael in:

- Silk Stalkings -> here

- The Parkers -> here

- Man of your Dream scenes from the unaired pilot -> here


405 Teen Wolf JR 8

Teen Wolf S4 E5 caps added

I added caps from JR in the latest Teen Wolf episode -> here

Caps from Dylan are also online -> here

And I also want to thank Michael Trucco (I won a phone call with him) who surprised me, because he gave the phone to JR and suddenly I talked a few minutes to JR. It was very amazing and I want to say THANK YOU again to Michael, JR and Sandra Hess. I will never forget this :)

404 Teen Wolf JR 44

Teen Wolf S4 E4 screencaps

Finally, JR is back! :) I added caps -> here

From Ian you can find the caps -> here

and from Dylan I added them in his fangallery -> here


Drone movie stills

With permission from the filmmakers I added their movie stills from Drone in the gallery -> here

For news and updates please follow Drone The Movie on Twitter and Facebook!

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Teen Wolf S4 E3 Dylan and Ian caps added

What a funny and important episode for the storyline!

I added caps from Ian (Peter Hale) -> here

and caps from Dylan (Stiles) -> here

402 Teen Wolf Ian 56

Teen Wolf S4 E2 caps added

What an episode again! The humor is back and I missed it! But also action and a very good storyline!

I added caps and episode stills from Dylan (Stiles) -> here

Also caps and stills from Ian (Peter) are online -> here

Promo for the next episode:

401 Teen Wolf 302

Teen Wolf S4 E1 caps added

What an episode with a surprising end! Sadly no Ian or JR in the premiere episode, but lots of Dylan! Check the caps -> here

Alpha Con Intros

And now I want to share these amazing Intro videos with you! We saw the big one before a panel started, so all people knew it’s time to go back to their seats.

For the announcements they showed single Intros and I want to show you the ones from Ian, JR and Dylan.

I thank Nemanja Kutlesic for this amazing Intros! He made more Intros from the other stars and you can find them -> here


Dylan O’Brien at Alpha Con

I added my photos, I took from Dylan during the Alpha Con Panels. I don’t want to see them without my watermark/tag on any social networks or fansites. If you want to use/share them please contact me. Thank you!

Stiles was since the first episode my favorite character on Teen Wolf. He made me laughing so many times! But when Season 3B was on air, Dylan blowed my mind away with his gorgeous acting! It wasn’t only Stiles, he also played Dark Stiles (Stiles obsessed, a demon in Stiles body). I never thought, that I can have so much respect for a young actor with such a talent! So I was really excited to meet him at this con.

It was his first Fan-Con and even if he said he was nervous (on stage) you didn’t saw anything of that. He was professional and he is so close to his fans! He talked to everyone, he took his time for chats (longer as the other stars what I saw), also when the photographer was waiting till he ends talking with you, that you can make your pose for the photo. Also during the autograph sessions I had nice chats with him about his movie. I hope he will never change, because I have so much respect of this person! We all know, that latest since Season 3B of Teen Wolf Dylan got so much more fans and he will get more and more after his movie Maze Runner in autumn 2014 … I wish every fan get a chance to meet him!

I also had a M&G with him and after that we got (everyone) a signed Maze Runner poster.

You can find all Dylan photos -> here

You can find photos from the whole Alpha Con -> here

There will be a second Alpha Con next year in Frankfurt, with only Teen Wolf stars, tickets are on sale -> www.alphavienna.eu